Friday, June 1, 2012

My edits

 Ok so I decided I'd actually post some of my edited pictures I've done with Picnik and Pic Monkey since Picnik is now closed. So this first one is very creepy, dont ask me why, but I love editing pictures this way, even though its scary. I actually did this picture for like a movie advertisment in our Lizzy.Co.Movies Magazines, we dont have a movie like this but I thought Id make it like real magazines do. So thats why theres a date at the bottom. Most of these pictures will be of me cause its weird doing other people.....
 Now this one I tried over laying to pictures, I did this one on Pic Monkey cause you cant over lay on Picnik. My eyes are a little exaggerated  but I like this pic anyways! The words "Don't Forget" don't mean anything, I just wrote something random.
 Ok here's more of those creepy looking pictures! Theres two different ones I couldn't decide on which one, so don't be shy and comment on your favorite one

 This is one of my many cousins Darienne
 Another cousin Frank

 I used another mirror disc and then made everything around other than me black and white

 Ok the next three I want you guys to vote on to! Don't be shy ;)

 Ok so I love vintage!!!! And had fun with this picture!