Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Ok! So I learned how to do three more tipes of braids!! I'm so happy!! I'll show you all the ones I learned and how to do them!!
Ok so this first three pictures are a of a braid called a 'FishTail braid'. Its pretty simple!

 To french braid it, you just grabb the hairs that you do in the original braid only you pick the hairs up on the sides, there not in the to strands of hair. Kinda hard to explain sorry!
 Love this one, when its kinda messy looking but still straight!
 This is an 'Inside-Out Braid' Its kinda harder. Click here to learn how

 Now this is a waterfall braid! Its probably the hardest one yet!! Click here on how to do it

So all these braids are fun to do and great ideas for any occasion!!