Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Braided Band.

Ok first you want to take the longest part of your hair thats either behind your ear or under your hair, depends on how long your hair is.
YOU NEED: Three clear twistys. Bobbys pins. And one big pin that holds tightly.

 You can do either one big braid or 2 small braids, I did 2 small braids. Braid your hair down as FAR as you can!!
 Ok so stick your hair in a pony tail, then grab both braids at the same time. (I didn't in the picture) or just the one. And take your BIG clip and pin them (or it) in. If you have longer hair then I do then you can take your hair and pin it under your head. Or you can do 2 braids and do one on each side of the head and make them go oppostite of each other but make them look like there on the same side, and you can take a clear twisty and tie them together under your head.
 Heres what it looks like from the top. I have a bobby pin holding it in place so it doesn't slide off my head, I tried to hide it as best as I can.
 Now this is my left side. You can try and hide the pin, I did but it didn't work.
 Front/side view
 And heres the big pin I used.  like it a lot because its really hard and strong and holds your hair together really well. I got it at wal-mart. It came with 2 black ones and one other grey one, sorry they're all sparkly, if you don't like sparkles.
Side view of it.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Our unphotogenic dog!

 Me and Michaela are trying to take a good picture with the dog but she is NOT cooperating!

 Sh swiped me in the eye here when she turned quickly to look out the window.

 Heres a pretty good one!

 Well, at least we're looking at the camera

It looks like she's laughing kinda!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 Braided Combo

 Heres a back shot of what it looks like
 Kind of a side veiw
And a front veiw. Ok, so I have a side part in my hair so what I did was I french braided the bigger portion of both sides and then side-french braided my hair in the back on the oppositte side of my head then i did on other french braid so that when I ended the braid I'd be at the side of the first braid and added the hair from the front to the side braid when I came to it. Then I kept braiding till I got to my layers. Sorry that it couldn't be a video! I'm really working on it!

Me and Emma

Just a picture I took of me and my litle cousin Emma

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fairy Pictures 1

 Yes, here I am actualy in the air

 The sun gave quite the effect.
 Michaela, Oh so pretty