Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chalking Hair!!

So this is really fun for when you have girlfriends over and want to do something fun! Or just have random color strips in your hair for a day/ short period!
FIRST! : You want to take a strip of hair or however much you want and get it wet but more damp than soaking.
SECOND! : ok first of the second its not Chalk, its chalk pastels! I made this mistake by getting just sidewalk chalk. Heres what chalk pastels will look like
THEN! Get the chalk wet ( This will get messy and all over your hands but it comes right off with water!) Then brush down with it not up, and make sure you get the back of the hair to!

THIRD! : take a straightner and while its still wet clamp it on. Don't run it down your hair as this will take off most the color but keep clamping it down till the end of your hair to seal in the color. Yes this kinda damages the hair D: but not to bad. Then let it dry and your done!!