Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MAFIA Hairstyles

 Ok so I thought I'd post some pics of some of the hairstyles from the movie! This first one is my hairstyle. It actualy was supposed to come out as a big woven bun but the lady who did our hair got the styles mixed and I got this one which was actualy worked for that time period. It was just a lot. They lady actualy gave me fake eye lashes to (she thought being the mafias girl friend I couldnt possibly go without them!)

 This is another girls hair. She had hers fingerwaved then curled! I loved the look of it!

Michaelas hairstyle was so cool 2!! Hers was the 20s style and mine was the 40s so we were 20 years apart but oh well!!  Hers was fingerwaved and then pin-curled!

Monday, March 19, 2012

More Mafia Pics!! A TON more!

 A TON more photos from filming but hey!! Its been SO much fun! Setting up the camera and getting in position!! Carissa is in the front in the green dress and Brad and Jeremiah are talking in the back.
 Doing the directors job. Bossing everyone around
 Waiting to be filmed
 Shooting the film

 If you look real close you see my facial expression...... Lizzy was telling me what I was supposed to do, then she started joking around and ummm... Well, I didn't realiz she was kidding till after and this is how I reacted to it :D
Dancing 2#

 Our wonderful policemen!!
 They were so good and cooperative unlike us other actors and actresses who like to pull jokes and cant help but laugh so hard at looking at each other!
 Teaching dance steps

 Tyler, saying his line
 More dancing!!
 Getting told what to do
 He was fooling around.....
Trying REALLY hard trying NOT to laugh!!

Laughing....REALLY hard.......This was the longest scene ever......ever.
 Throwing bricks at the priest

 GREAT shot caught in the action by Brad!!

 Frankie and Michaela waiting to be called on set!
 robbing the store. Poor Timmy

 Good pic of Ryan and Michaela

 Yes I did have to do a lot of makeup and hair for everyone until the fourth day when we had our hairdresser!

 Checking out town crick

 Ryan, Tyler and Michaela! Good pic!!

 Nathan! Our priest!
 His second outfit!
 Michaela also played a nun as well as Carissa
 In the movie he gets zapped when he has his goggles on. So this is what he looked like with them off!
 Getting beat up. Nate and Tim

 Nate and Bradley
 Our powder sugar filled ash tray. Real creative!

 If you can notice theres an Al' Copone mug shot behind them. Tyler, Nate, Lizzy and Ryan

 They look a 'wee bit intoxicated' here :D

 Obsessed with the tipe Writer
We're finished filming and now the movie is be edited! I'll miss it a TON and hope another film is looking good in the summer :D!