Thursday, July 5, 2012

Patriotic toe nails!

 Ok, So I know its a day late but hey! EVERY day is Independence day!!! Just so ya'll know I'm a patriot, so if I say something offensive about illegal immigrants and stuff just.....yeah. ANYWAYS I did some ideas for 4th of July toes!! The paper below is different ideas I came up with..... Most of the were pretty much just
1#. Paint your toe/finger nail red
2#. In the corner of top of wherever you want it paint a little square, big enough to add the star later!
3#. Add your white stripes
4#. Add your star!!!! I would do more but I'm awful at even drawing them!! So I just use one big one!

So try them out!! Have fun!

Want longer darker more lashes??????

OLIVE OIL!!!!!!! I know its weird but it works!!!!! Unless you have Vaseline which I dont......... So I use olive oil!!! It takes at least two weeks before there is a huge change but they get darker and longer and more full! Just at night before you go to bed put some on your lashes and on your lid right above your lashes. DON"T get any in your eye, surprisingly its painful......VERY painful..... unfortunately I've had that happen twice. Another thing I do is when I put on mascara, I put olive oil on my lashes first because its healthier for your lashes to have that base, and it makes your mascara not clumpy at all!! Its great! And then I put on my thousands of coats of mascara. Yes I have an obsession with mascara. But I don't wear eye liner very often if at all unless for a movie or play or something. So basically eye wise I only wear mascara. Try it out!! If you have vaseline, try it instead! I hear its WAY way WAY faster and better than olive oil, but I don't have any! If you try it comment on one of my posts with the results if it worked! And if I get any I'll post its results if it works better than olive oil!!