Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Bun!

 So here is a cute bun, with my bangs pinned up. First you put your hair in a ponytail. Then what I did is I didn't twist my hair, but I sorta did not really, and then so that the bun was bigger and fatter I rapped it like a lolly pop not like a ballerina bun where your hair is flappin overtop of each other. Then I take the end when I'm done rapping and stick it under the the bun and pin it with a big and strong holding pin like thing. Whatever works! lol
 Heres a side veiw
 Ok here is random. This is what I wore tonight. (we had guests over, otherwise I would have shown you how to do it peice by piece. I probably will sometime soon!) Now this is a modest-nice looking top! Its not tight, and isn't low. 

 Here is another side view!
here is a back view. So all of these really are not good veiws but I tried my best. (my camera went outta batteries) OK this back view doesn't look anything like it, but this doesn't look to bad. Another thing is this bun was so big that this picture shows non of my head (Except for in the mirror) That big all is the WHOLE bun! lol
Ok so here is a cute hairstyle and a nice modest top for you all!
Livvy Lu

Braided Bun

 Ok, So here I have the braided bun as I call it. The two top pictures are of the hairstyle from the sides. I french braided both sides. I'd do one side then put it in a twisty, then take the other side do the same. Then take the twisty's out and grab the rest the hair and put it into a pony tail with a twisty or whatever you have. Then I braid the whole ponytail in the back and  rap in around into a bun. Then pin it in with bobby pins of course. And VOLA!
Heres a front shot but not really a good one. Sorry but I don't have a back shot.

Dear Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,
My name is Olivia, and I am a christian.  On this blog I will be posting Hair, modest clothing, nail, and makeup ideas for the average girls out there like me. I don't think that by following my posts you should get to rapped up in vanity and beauty but that this blog will help you look nice when your at home or walking in the world. See, your a child of God, a princess in his eyes so I think you should act and dress in a mannerful way. :) Your repersenting your father and heavenly father out in the world, and being good example at home. But like I said, its not something that should rule your life and be everything. You just don't want people to see you in your baggy t-shirts, mangled hair, and a lazy apearance and think "man, if they're christian I don't want to be one" or think "wow they must come from a broken home." or if your like me you see a person who doesn't care about taking care about themselves or repersenting anything good. And for me, doing my hair, nails etc. is fun, like doing an activity or game for some people! Because when your finished you can see the nice results and ALMOST all the time it looks great! BTW I'll also be posting my favorite brans of different stuff and what I think works best! So please join me!

Livvy Lu (A name my family and friends call me, I quite like it =D)

p.s. More about me is I LOVE acting and singing, those are dreams of mine also! I do like to draw, Picnik pictures and sometimes write. I love animals, climbing tree's, swimming and doing all sorts of stuff! I might post things that aren't affiliated with hair and nails etc. and stuff, but not like my eveyday life! And MOST my pictures will be of me, just for the privacy and safety of others ;)! thank you