Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 Braided Combo

 Heres a back shot of what it looks like
 Kind of a side veiw
And a front veiw. Ok, so I have a side part in my hair so what I did was I french braided the bigger portion of both sides and then side-french braided my hair in the back on the oppositte side of my head then i did on other french braid so that when I ended the braid I'd be at the side of the first braid and added the hair from the front to the side braid when I came to it. Then I kept braiding till I got to my layers. Sorry that it couldn't be a video! I'm really working on it!


  1. That's really cool, Liv! I'd do it, but my hair is still a little too short.=) But as soon as it's long enough, I'll definitely try it! Thanks for the post.=) Missing you guys TONS! ~Jen

  2. Ok lol! Thanks! Missin' ya'll! Tell evryone "hi" 4 me!