Friday, December 23, 2011


 Ok! So there is this WONDERFUL nail stamping pack called Konad! I'll show ya'll how it works!!
 Ok, so you get these discs that come in the packet. They all have about 7 engraved icons on it all different sorts!
 I'll show you them up close!
 for the holiday season I used the christmas icons.
 Heres one small starter packet I have,

 All the equipment
 Ok, so first of there is this special nail polish that dries in 30 seconds. You swipe it on the icon you like, take the scraper (as shown in picture) and swipe it over the icon you just painted.
 then take the stamper, stamp it on the icon you wanted.
 and print it on your finger.
Ok, heres the whole set. Other than the disc. Some ideas are:
1: Paint your nail white white, then if you have the red, or green konad polish, put the red on the berry part of the holly icon, and then put the green on the leaves. The let it dry and stamp it on you white nail! You actualy don't have to have the red and green polish you can use normal but make sure its not to thin or not to thick and gooey. And hope it dries fast!!
2: Do your nail a light blue. Then use the snowflake icon and use the white konad polish. Then print several snowflakes on your nail (depending on how big ya'lls nail is) and it looks great around the snowy time!!


  1. The snowy nail is so cool!! We did that last year on mine, I loved how it looked! Where did you get the Konad thing again?

  2. They Have a website but its weird and me and mom couldn't figure out where or if you could buy it off of the site, so ebay or Amazon.