Friday, December 23, 2011

Festive Nails!

 Ok sor first off, I used red, green, and sparkles to create this Christmas looking nails! The red I used was 'Avon, Revlon Red' But you'll want to put the red on every-other nail, and do the other hand with it on opposite nails.

 Sorry for the side ways images
 Ok! here is the green I used. I used 'XtremeWear, Hand and Nails' the color is Emerald City. both colors that I used you might have to put it on, then let them dry, then out on another coat, depending on how thick yours is.
 Then after the red and green are dry you want to use clear sparkle nail polish. Mines a little glossy and so that would work just as well! Depends on if you want them to look just like mine.
 The sparkles I used are called 'Finger Paints' It doesn' have a special nail name.
And here is the results! OH! I got the green color at Wal-Mart, the sparkles I got for christmas so I'm not sure where to get them, and the red from Avon. Just in case you  wanted to use the colors I did.

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